Matrimonial Services

Thanks For Be A Part Of SAMPARKA

Services Packages
1st Service Provided Within 5 Days*
2nd Service Provided 20th of Next Month
3rd Service Provided 25th of Next Month
4th Service Provided 15th of Next Month
5th Service Provided 10th of Next Month
6th Service Provided 30th of Next Month

Terms and Condition :

  • From 7th service it will be repeated 1st to 6th service months date.
  • Please Inform Us after every 2 month for confermation matching have done or not.
  • If we are unable to provided services any month, that month is not countable as service month.
  • We have no hidden charges after marriage.

*5 Days + Deliver time of Currier Service

Yours Faithfully,
Matrimonial Services